Perennial underacheiver

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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You'd think I'd be raving about this beautiful amaryllis. It's a stunning shade of coral and the blooms are at least six inches across.

Truth is, I've been pretty disappointed with this plant because it's been a perennial underachiever in my yard. I planted it back in early 2001 after receiving it as a gift plant just before Christmas. While it's put up plenty of great foliage over the years, it had never bloomed. Until now, that is.

And bless its heart, it was kind enough to open up just before we left for our recent vacation to the Pacific Northwest. By the time we got back, the flowers had wilted down to little wisps.

Speaking of the Pacific Northwest, I shot nearly 400 photos of plants, gardens, and other fun things while I was out there. In the next weeks, I'll  be putting up a few posts highlighting what I saw and revealing my newest plant crush.


Floridagirl said...

Your story of the amaryllis is strange to me. I love these bulbs and consider them a super-tough Florida plant. Mine bloom every year and produce offsets as well. The offsets take a few years to reach blooming size. In my garden, I have several on a dry, sunny slope, and some more planted under deciduous trees with humusy soil. When I was young, older gardeners told me to lift them every few years so the bulb remains at soil level. Apparently, if they sink too deeply, they won't bloom. Don't know if it's true, since I lift mine every year, because I just can't resist dividing them. I am hoping for huge amaryllis drifts some day.

BTW...I love that amaryllis color!

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

I know -- I've always thought it was weird that my two amaryllises never bloomed. I knew they liked their necks above the soil line and tried to plant them high. Maybe I planted them too high and it has taken them this long to settle down to the right level. Who knows, but I'm just glad that they bloomed and that I got to see them!

Steve Asbell said...

I can't wait to see your new photos!
Actually our apartment complex has some wimpy amaryllis plants and I've seen my share of miserable looking plantings elsewhere too. A few of my neighbors grow them, but they have prepared beds of compost.