Papaya progress

Monday, March 30, 2009

Papaya dwarfs my desk
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The papaya that I keep on my desk has been growing like crazy. It flowered a few weeks ago, as you may recall from my earlier blog post, and the resulting fruit just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Jen insisted that I blog again about the papaya's progress, so here goes.

Here's a photo of the fruit on March 11, about a week and a half after the flower first opened.

Papaya fruit?

And here it is on March 30, the day it got transplanted.

Papaya fruit keeps getting bigger

I wanted to hold off on transplanting until the fruit had matured, but the plant just seemed like it couldn't wait any longer. I had a bit of trouble finding the right sized container. While the new pot may look huge, it really is the next size up. As you may recall, the previous container was tall and narrow. This was the only pot I found that was not only wider than the original pot but also deeper.

Here's a picture of Bart (who generously offered to help me) coaxing the papaya out of the old pot.

Coaxing the papaya out of the old pot

And here we are checking the height of the plant in the new container, before backfilling with potting media.

Checking the soil height in the new pot

Finally, here is the plant after it was tucked into its new pot and given a thorough soaking.

Ta-da! The transplanted papaya in its new pot

Thanks again to Bart for his help!


Unknown said...

What a healthy looking papaya! Love the bench in your older post too!

Wicked Gardener said...

Wow - you're gonna have a papaya! That's cool. Do they generally do well as indoor house plants?

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

I'm not sure if papayas normally make good houseplants. This one gets good light in my office window and is protected from our cool winter temps. If you try it, I'd definitely suggest a dwarf variety! Mine is 'T.R. Hovey'.