Succulent dish

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Succulent dish
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Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to getting work done that I brought home from the office, but I just couldn't resist getting my hands a little dirty.

I put together this succulent dish with some plants I picked up Friday night at Home Depot -- my favorite is the furry, chocolate-colored Kalanchoe on the left.

I had been wanting to create a succulent dish for some time now. I have a spot on my porch that just seemed to be screaming for one. We'll see how the plants fare -- the spot may not be sunny enough for their liking.


Neza said...

Hi, Just visiting from Minnesota...I like your blog..

The Rock and Roll Gardener

Kim said...

neza-- Thanks! Your blog is also a lot of fun. Since you're interested in artsy stuffy, you might like my other blog.

sarah said...

It looks great! I'm jealous -- I've been wanting a succulent dish garden, too.

Somehow my potted succulents have survived the "drought" that has killed many of my other plants. Maybe I should just stick to those.