Four O'Clocks

Friday, May 9, 2008

Four O'Clocks
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My four o'clocks started blooming this week! Apparently, they thrive on neglect.

A co-worker gave them to me last year as volunteers he had pulled from his own yard and placed in pots with our native sandy soil. They are a classic passalong plant here in the South, in part because they self-seed so readily.

I pretty much ignored them all year, except for stopping to inhale their intoxicating fragrance from time to time. Once our cold weather set in (yes, I know it's still mild by northern standards), the plants died back. I wondered how they'd fare since they're technically annuals, but was hoping they'd come back since I had heard that they create large, underground tubers.

Sure enough! The foliage sprang up a month or so ago and now I'm graced with flowers. One of my other co-workers views four o'clocks as weeds. I disagree. I think they're wonderful. We're so lucky in the South to have such amazing weeds.


Lets Plant said...

Great picture!! I just found your blog! It's great!! I added it to my blogroll so I wouldn't forget!! We have alot of the same things growing, I look forward to reading more of your blog!! Have a great day!!

Lisa in CA said...

Awwwe, their beautiful! I want one!

Lets Plant said...

Just wanted to add, I have these in my yard too! I was told that they were weeds and I needed to get rid of them. Well, I transplanted them throughout my yards border instead!!lol!! I don't have a problem with weeds that bloom!! I did not know the name however so thanks!!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I noticed that you tagged four o'clocks under weeds. I'm tempted to with these old magenta ones. Not only do they seed voraciously but they form thick roots which overwinter nicely here in zone 8. I have some giants that are near impossible to keep under control.

I can't resist the scent though. So they stay.

sarah said...

I love four o'clocks.