King of the Mountain

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free mulch
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Apparently, mulch piles are exciting places. When I left the house this morning I spotted a young girl climbing on my mulch pile. It's funny because as I was spreading the mulch last night,* I started thinking about how much I loved climbing on dirt piles when I was a kid. One of the neighborhoods we lived in was still under development, so it seemed like there was always a half-built house that was getting a pile of sand delivered.

This girl wasn't just climbing on the pile -- she was clearly hunting something. I greeted the girl and her companion, who I took to be her grandmother, and asked what she was after.

"Lizards," she replied. "They like the mulch."

Cool, I thought -- a gal after my own heart. As a kid, I spent countless hours hunting for crayfish in the creek and catching insects.

But then I started thinking about why lizards would want to climb all the way to the top of such a huge mulch pile. My first thought was that the lizards had liked eating the insects swarming over the pile. Or maybe, just maybe, the lizards liked climbing the pile just because it was there, like Everest. Heck, it IS like Everest to a tiny little lizard! When I get home tonight, I'll check to see which lizard is defending his title as king of the mountain.

*(And yes, this means that I'm actually making progress on the front bed. I'll try to get the rest of the mulch spread out tonight, and will definitely post pictures if I do.)


Jake said...

Can't imagine a little kid looking for lizards. In Kentucky I looked for insects when I was little, but we didn't have lizards. I hate the lizards and snakes down here and watch every step I take, lol.

Glad you are making progress! Maybe you will get finished byt the time the rain starts.


Kim said...

And after she caught them, she would "hypnotize them" (her words) by stroking their chins. Very cute.

I rationalize that it makes good sense to hold off on planting until just before the rains start. If I'm feeling really ambitious, maybe I'll get them in sooner. ;-)

sarah said...

That thurr is a lot of mulch!

AlliJean said...

ha- i used to love catching all the lizards around our house when I was little - just ask Emily! I even wrote a poem in 6th grade about lizards fighting over a rock and titled it "King of the Mountain."

Kim said...

Too funny! I'll have to ask Emily to retell the story. :-)