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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I took oodles of shots while I was down in Ft. Lauderdale and I can't resist posting a few more. Here are a few of the MANY bromeliads that we saw at Fairchild. You can see some more of the Aechmea blanchetiana in the first shot. And what a striking color combination with the purple Tradescantia pallida and the silver-colored palm!

I've read that Aechmea blanchetiana grows green in the shade and turns that brilliant yellow-orange when it's in full sun. I'd love to find some of these for my yard, but I worry they may be too tender for my area even if I covered them during cold spells. We'll see.

Many of the bromeliads around the garden (like this red one) were just plopped into a giant hunk of limerock--very classic Florida.

Bromeliads can survive like this because most of them don't rely on driving roots into the soil to take up water. Instead, they collect water in the natural cups that form where their leaves come together.
Alcantarea imperialis
Fairchild also had tons of fabulous cycads, more than 200+ species according to the Fairchild Web site. I'm only posting one shot now, because the rest are still on the work camera.
Dioon spp.
And finally, I'm posting one shot of the plant with one of my favorite botanical names--Monstera deliciosa. Some people also call it Swiss cheese plant because of the naturally occurring holes in the leaves.

Again, this is another true tropical plant that probably wouldn't survive in Gainesville's chillier weather.
Monstera deliciosa


Strouthion said...

I ran into your blog googling & blog surfing and I'm enjoying reading it. I own a tropical/annual gardening & container business in central Illinois and I'm always looking for new bed & container ideas this time of year. Obviously, I'm not doing any gardening his time of year, but I do a lot of planning and designing. I was hoping to make it to TPIE this year, but couldn't :( Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. Keep it up :)

Kim said...

Thanks for your comment! Too bad you had to miss TPIE -- the plants and the weather were great.

My co-worker will be blogging about TPIE on her blog, Garden Living and we'll be posting lots and lots of photos on our Gardening in a Minute Flickr site, so check back for more tropical goodness!

Strouthion said...

Ok, so I'm REALLY slow seeing that you responded to my comment :P I never check my gmail account and did today... WOW, I had a ton of messages to respond to!!

Thanks for the link to the Flickr pictures... LOVE THEM!! I SO want to go to TPIE next year!! And I REALLY want to go to Fairchild!!

Keep up the blogging!!