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Friday, January 18, 2008

blooming bat plant
Today we hit the show floor at TPIE and saw some cool plants. The first thing that caught my eye at the sneak-peek breakfast we attended was a bat plant. This plant was different than mine because of two things: A) it was in bloom; and B) it was still alive. Yes, I'm sorry to say that my bat plant met an untimely death, but I don't think it was entirely my fault. It had brown leaves and fungus gnats since the day I picked it up--it was only a matter of time before the roots rotted away. I tried repotting it, but it was too little too late.
Sting Ray Alocasia
Another cool plant at the breakfast was the Alocasia spp. 'Sting Ray', which is being marketed under the new Hort Couture campaign. You can see a detail of the stingray-shaped leaf in the second photo. The stems are also striking, resembling Alocasia zebrina.
Kerry's booth
We were really smitten with the Kerry's booth, as well as with their products. Kerry's is one of the largest orchid and bromeliad producers around. During the breakfast, one of their staff members said, "We don't sell--we sell fashion." This was definitely evident in their orchid displays, which were truly unique. Some orchids were in traditional yet sophisticated containers while others were in glass vessels that were lined with brighly colored gel media. The orange gel reminded me of the salmon eggs at the sushi restaurant The Kerry's folks say that the gel is great for orchids and cuts watering requirements from once a week to once every two or three weeks. Sounds like my kind of plant care schedule!
Tillandsia balls
And finally, I thought these bromeliad balls by Bromeliad Specialties were really clever! What a unique way to showcase these carefree plants.

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