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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This isn't related to gardening, but it is related to blogging.MTB racing

Apparently, I've been tagged by the Wicked Gardener. (Thanks!) It seems like this means I'm supposed to list ten (or so) random facts about myself here, and then tag a few fellow bloggers. So here goes...
  1. I kill plants. Not intentionally, of course, but it is true. As much as I love plants, I'm not always the best at taking care of them. I call it the tough-love approach -- I give them water for the first month or so, then they're on your own. My greatest horticultural sin is buying plants and then never putting them in the ground, leaving them in their pots to wither away and die (my deepest condolences go out to the perennial peanut I killed in this manner last fall). There. I've said it.

  2. I like baseball. Some people say it's boring, but I love the tradition of it. I've been a Braves fan since I was 8.

  3. I also like country music. Most people find this surprising, but I've been a fan of country music since high school. I can definitely tap my toe to mainstream, contemporary country, but I get much more excited about old-school country (including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and Wanda Jackson) and alt-country (Son Volt, Whiskeytown, The Jayhawks, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams and Neko Case).

  4. My favorite color is green, which is perhaps not surprising for someone who professes to love plants.

  5. I lead a secret life as the sassy crafter, saving the world one project at a time by transforming old cast-offs into fun, new creations.

  6. I once made my sister throw her Barbie shoe out the car window on a cross-country road trip. I'm still trying to live down my title of World's Meanest Older Sister.

  7. I have a weakness for shiny things.

  8. Back when I was a full-on vegetarian, I once ate a plate of venison. I was in college at the time, and my best friend's dad sent her the backstrap cut from the first deer he shot that fall. I figured he'd gone to all the trouble to kill the deer, clean it, and ship the tastiest cut all the way from Oregon to Massachusetts, so there was no way I could refuse a taste. A taste? It was so good I ate the whole plate!

  9. My middle name is a common food item.

  10. I used to race mountain bikes and was once a Florida State Champion.

So now I'm tagging a few other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading: Florida EcoMania, Garden Living, Gardening in Central Florida, Bella Dia, betz white, gonzomama knits, Craftside, and


DanDeePlantsman said...

Does your tongue actually give you an aerodynamic advantage, or is that really just for show? You go girl!!

Wicked Gardener said...

1. Amen! I’m not the only one.
2. Go Red Sox!
3. Wow, almost as bad as being a Gator! :D
4. Green is cool.
5. We all need an alter ego. Cute site. I like the key ring.
6. I am officially the World’s Meanest Older Sister ever. I wrote my brother’s name on various walls and furniture items when he was three, which he got in MAJOR trouble for. The truth only came out a few years ago. Listen, the kid NEVER did anything wrong. He needed some help sometimes.
7. Me like shiny things too.
8. I was full on vegetarian in college. Gave it up for being full time fat.
9. Cake? Lettuce? Pudding?
10. 10 things? You have many more interesting things about you than me!

Kim said...

DanDee: Yeah, I'm not really sure what the tongue things was about.

Wicked Gardener: Whew! Glad to hear I'm off the hook for title of World's Meanest Older Sister.