Camellias from my garden

Friday, February 29, 2008

camellias from my garden
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We were expecting another freeze tonight so I thought I'd clip some camellias, lest they get zapped in the freeze. Thankfully, the freeze didn't end up damaging any plants in my yard.

My camellias aren't show quality -- some are a little raggedy on the edges -- but I still enjoy them. I figure they look pretty good considering that I really don't do anything to take care of the bushes, just a little pruning every now and then.

I've never been big on fertilizing, even though from a biology standpoint I know that plants need certain nutrients to thrive. Part of me was worried about not knowing how much to apply and contributing to groundwater pollution, i.e. how to fertilize appropriately. I'm thinking about using some controlled-release fertilizer that's good for acid-loving plants. The plants would probably appreciate it. As long as I choose a controlled-release formula and apply the right amount, I shouldn't be causing any excess leaching of the fertilizer into the groundwater.

A co-worker saw the camellias on my desk and suggested I try air layering to produce more plants. It would be cool to have new camellia plants to share with my gardening friends, but I'm not sure I've got the stamina for the air-layering process.


Wicked Gardener said...
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Wicked Gardener said...

Interestingly, my camellias did beautifully until I added some fertilizer specifically designed for camellias. Then nothing. Maybe I did it at the wrong time of year. If you do decide to do the air layering, blog the details. I'm interested in that.

Kim said...

That's interesting that your plants stopped blooming. Hmm... Maybe the fertilizer somehow encouraged them to put more energy into growth rather than flower production?

I was at Big Lots this weekend and they had a special on controlled-release fertilizer designed for acid-loving plants. Now that I read your post I'm unsure about whether I want to apply it to my camellias!

And yes, I'll blog about air layering if I decide to get that ambitious.