March--Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Monday, March 16, 2009

(Apologies for the non-standard font. Blogger and I got into a fight today.)

As part of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, here's a run-down of what's blooming in my garden right now.
Initiated by May Dreams Gardens, countless bloggers now participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. They simply create a post on their blog to showcase what's blooming in their gardens and then link it to the current GBBD post at May Dreams Gardens. No rules. No requirements. Just good garden fun.
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Orange blossoms"
My sour orange tree is in full bloom and is generating the most heavenly scent imaginable. I sat in the backyard the other night after work, just drinking in the fragrance. Sometimes I wish I had a tastier type of orange, but the fragrance alone really does make the tree worthwhile.
'Spice and 'Louis Phillippe' Roses
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Old garden roses
My 'Spice' and 'Louis Philippe' roses are both blooming -- true to form for old garden roses. (Sorry this shot is slightly out of focus. I think I still had the camera set on macro.)
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Azalea Pale pink azalea flowers White azalea flowers
My azaleas are still blooming. Admittedly the one in the top photo could definitely use some pruning, but I wanted to wait until after it was done blooming.
Sweet viburnum
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Viburnum getting ready to flower"
The sweet viburnum hedge on my property line is getting ready to bloom, which I'm not really looking forward to. Their "sweet" odor doesn't smell so sweet to me.
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The pink camellia is now flowering. It's nothing compared to what I saw in Dave's yard but it ain't half bad, especially considering that I don't give it any care.
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Many people consider this plant a weed, but I love it.
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Technically this bromeliad isn't blooming, but the throat did turn from green to red so I decided to post a photo anyway. And thanks to Tom who originally gave me this plant!
(click photo for larger image)
New loropetalum leaves"
And technically this loropetalum isn't blooming, but I just loved the new burgundy foliage so I had to take a picture.
Other plants blooming around town include dogwood and redbud, and Carolina jessamine. Spring redbud blooms


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful redbud! I hope someday, my redbud will look that good.

Kim said...

That redbud is my absolute favorite part about coming to work in the spring -- it greets me every day as I walk from the parking lot to my office.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!