Sick ensete?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sick ensete?
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We planted this beautiful ensete back in April. It's been doing great and has double in height since then. But all of a sudden it's looking a little sick.

It's listing to one side, and the leaves have started wilting. If wilting were the only symptom, I'd wonder if the cause was just the 90+ degree weather we've been having.

Sick ensete?

But the leaves are also looking chlorotic, namely in patches that correspond to where the leaf is sagging.

Sick ensete?

Plus the roots are starting to pop free from the soil, as if they might be decaying.

Sick ensete?

Any ideas what might be going on? I'm wondering if it might be some sort of fungal or bacterial disease. I'd love to be able to treat the problem, but I need to know what's going on before I apply any potential pesticides.

This makes me very sad.


Rainforest Gardener said...

I've had similar issues with naners before. What is the moisture situation? I have had it happen in soil that was too heavy and waterlogged before, but the same symptoms would hold true with a lack of water... Hopefully we can save it!

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Rainforest Gardener: Thanks for the suggestion. We've been giving it a good amount of water since most tropical plants tend to benefit from that. Our soils are very sandy, though, so it's hard to say if the plant could actually get waterlogged as a result.

Susan said...

Strange...bananas are usually easy to grow. I would have to agree with Rainforest Gardener that it may be thirsty. Sorry I can't be of help. I hope someone can solve the mystery before it's too late. Best of luck.