Front garden progress

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Earlier this week I blogged about the potentially sick ensete. I figured I might as well share some photos of the other beautiful things that have been going on in the front garden.

First off, the cannas and bananas have been going gangbusters. The 'Red Stripe' canna that I bought at Plant Delights Nursery last September is getting huge, and the 'Intrigue' canna is looking beautiful. The striped canna is 'Bengal Tiger'. It was a generous passalong plant from Tom, along with a dwarf Cavendish banana that's doing splendidly.

Speaking of what I bought at PDN, the chasmanthium seems to have died. Very sad. It turned brown over the winter and I cut it down in spring. It put out a half-inch or so of new growth but then never grew any more. In Southernese, I'd say it up and died.

But back to the pretty stuff. Here are some macro shots of the cannas and bananas for you to salivate over.

Canna indica 'Red Stripe'

Canna indica 'Red Stripe'

Canna 'Bengal Tiger'

Canna 'Bengal Tiger'

Canna 'Intrigue'

Canna 'Intrigue'

Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish'

Dwarf Cavendish banana

And one of the mystery cannas that we transplanted recently is about to bloom. I'm wondering if it might also be 'Red Stripe'.

Unknown red-flowered canna


Susan said...

Great close-up shots of your cannas and bananas. They really are fabulous plants.

Ami said...

Followed a link at Susan's site to your garden since I was wondering why my Canna lily still has not flowered yet :) Yours look so beautiful!

I think I have the Canna 'Bengal Tiger', the one with green yellow stripped leaves. Since I bought it, it has been growing leaves like crazy, now it is more than 4 feet high, the leaves look very healthy, but just no flowers! Any idea how tall it will grow before it blooms?

BTW, I am also a Florida gardener who started my own blog half year ago. If interested, welcome to stop by my garden at

Wicked Gardener said...

My cannas are doing really well too. Hmmm. They love the hot weather I guess. (Btw, super glad your still posting on the good ol' blog!)

kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter said...

Thanks for the comments, y'all! Ami, I would guess that your 'Bengal Tiger' cannas will bloom soon. Mine were passalongs that used to be grown in containers, so I think they got a head start.