Drive-by shooting

Monday, March 3, 2008

I was on my way to work this morning, zoning out while driving down the same road I always take to work and then, BAM! Where did that come from?

All of a sudden there was a tree I'd never noticed before in bloom with these striking yellow flowers. Being the plant geek that I am, I had to turn around and take a picture.

I'm pretty sure this tree is in the genus Tabebuia, though I'm not sure of the species (maybe T. aurea, which used to be T. caraiba). These trees are native to areas further south, and it's somewhat unusual to see them this far north (though we do have several other specimens here in Gainesville).

At any rate, I just wanted to share this ray of sunshine with everyone, even if the sky in the back of the photo looks a bit gray.


AiaKirjanik said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. It´s a bit masohistic I guess, because we have snow now and at least 2 months to wait until I can go out and plant something,
regards from Estonia!

Kim said...

aiakirjanik: Thanks for the comment!

I do feel pretty lucky that I live in a place where I can garden year-round. Well, that is until the heat of summer hits and I'm stuck pushing the lawn mower around more than once per week!