Beach sunflower

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beach sunflower
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So we're not at the beach, but the garden in front of our office does boast a nice patch of beach sunflower, aka Helianthus debilis. This is the first one to show its cheery face this spring, so I thought I'd capture it for all of you who are still suffering under a blanket of snow.

A few weeks back, I transplanted a few seedlings from this patch to my own garden. They weren't looking so hot at first. Of course, this might be because I just yanked them out of the ground like a common weed and then threw them into my sandy, unenriched soil. But hey, anyone who knows my gardening style knows it's all about tough love. At any rate, the transplants finally stopped wilting and look like they're going to make it. I'll blog about them once they start blooming.

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