Bees and Bidens

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bees and bidens
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Of all the things growing in my yard, Bidens alba is probably my least favorite.

The flowers aren't bad, but once the plant is done blooming it produces these sticky little seed pods, hence the name "common beggar's tick." I typically try to pull these out before they go to flower and set seed, but sometimes the plants get ahead of me.

Today I was lounging on my back patio working on a story I'm writing when I noticed that my pesky Bidens were attracting a number of honey bees.

As you may know, honey bees have been facing a number of challenges as of late, including colony collapse disorder.

Needless to say, I was encouraged to see so many of them flitting from flower to flower in my yard. It made me think that maybe I should leave the Bidens be, so as to provide a good food source for the bees. (Not to mention that this idea appeals to the lazy gardener in me.)

Apparently, one creature's weed is another creature's breakfast!


Anonymous said...

ah, it's wonderful that you have a wide range of plants and flowers

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