Morning jewels

Monday, January 19, 2009

The last several days have been cold, at least by Florida standards. But a warm front pushed in last night and triggered some rain showers. When I woke up my yard was shrouded in fog and the plants looked like they were covered in diamond dust as the morning sunlight danced through the residual water droplets. I had to snap a few photos before heading in to work. As much as I'm a night person, I really do love morning moments like this.

Morning dew on Japanese magnolia

Morning dew on Japanese magnolia

Morning dew on crinum and spider web

Morning dew on crinum


Darla said...

So fresh first thing in the morning, love the water droplepts.

Wicked Gardener said...

I love those pink magnolias. We used to have a bunch in Tallahassee, but you don't hardly ever see them in Ocala. I guess the early bird gets the good pictures.