Sandhill cranes

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sandhill cranes
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I couldn't resist posting this. Sandhill cranes are absolutely one of my favorite things about North Florida winters. Groups of sandhill cranes migrate to our area to overwinter, camping out on the various fields and prairies (though there are populations of sandhill cranes that are permanent residents).

All this week, we've been seeing a group of about eight cranes on the field in front of our office. What a treat to be greeted by them each morning as I drive in! Today I snapped a few photos of them. They mostly spend their time scratching around looking for something to eat. Then when I left at lunch, they had moved to other side of the road where several had laid down and appeared to be napping. Sorry--no photos of that.

At any rate, our whole office group is pretty much in love with these beautiful birds. Sarah also blogged about sandhill cranes. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a link to audio clips of their unique and beautiful calls.

Sandhill crane disagreement?


Darla said...

That's pretty cool to have them right outside your office.

Kim said...

Indeed, we all think we're pretty lucky. Though my co-worker Emily even has them in her backyard!

sarah said...

Nice photos!