A few (more) of my favorite things, Part III

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phormium is big in Portland, as I mentioned in the last Portland post. In fact, we saw it at both of the private gardens we toured in Northeast Portland. We were supposed to be able to see six urban gardens, but there were major problems with scheduling and the buses -- don't get me started.

Our first stop was at Darcy's Bloomtown garden. Like many Portland gardeners, Darcy had removed her front lawn in favor of more plants. Amen, sister!

Curbside bed as seen from front garden
Look at how many plants she packed into a narrow, four-foot wide space!

Street-area bed as seen from front garden

Love that color!

Phormium in front garden at Bloomtown garden in Portland

Colorful combo

Colorful combination in Bloomtown garden

Clever garden gate

Unique recycled garden gate

Now on to Nancyland! Nancy also removed her front lawn in favor of plants, but not before adding this humorous homage that made me believe that Nancy was my kind of gardener:

Humorous take on the front lawn

Nancy also included a recycled window as a garden gate. Note the nice detail of the marbles along the top edge.

Recycled window garden gate

Indeed, Nancy's garden spoke to me in so many ways. It was chock full of interesting art and recycled materials.

Impromptu sculpture

Garden vignette

Recycled glass garden sculpture

Garden vignette with recycled art

Bold color

Bonfire begonia and coleus

Colorful garden vignette

Funky art glass garden sculpture

Clever planters

Recycled high heels as garden planters

Kids' dumptruck as succulent planter

Barbie dream car as succulent planter

And last but not least, humor
This says, "My garden kicks ass" in Latin. I couldn't have said it better myself!

"My garden kicks ass"

To see all of the photos that I took at Nancyland, click here.

Update: As requested, here's the dinosaur I spotted in the garden but didn't originally post. He's kind of small, but still quite fierce.

Every nook and cranny holds a surprise


Wicked Gardener said...

Ohhhhh - I love this stuff! I may have to borrow that latin phrase . . . Of course if I did that, it would end up looking like junk yard. Most of my neighbors have plants growing out of random objects completely inadvertently. But these sure beat ceramic rabbits!

Kim said...

I wish I could give you the 3-D tour. Every time I turned a corner I found something else great -- no ceramic rabbits, but definitely plastic dinosaurs!

Wicked Gardener said...

You held out on the Dinosaurs??? Seriously, next time I am demanding YouTube videos!!!

Kim said...

Alright, I'll add the dino to the blog post. :-) I was trying not to overwhelm people with too many photos.

sarah said...

What an amaaaaaazing garden!

Kim said...

I know--I totally wanted to move in at both places. The first place also had an amazing studio in the backyard that I didn't take a picture of (for some dumb reason).