A few of my favorite things, Part I

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dahlias? Done that. What else did I see in Portland that was worth blogging about? Here's the first of several posts with the best things I saw in Portland.

Hands down, Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island has to be the most fantastical nursery that I've ever seen. If you're ever in the Portland area and have a taste for exotic or unusual plants, you simply must stop in for a visit. How you squeeze all of the plants you crave into your luggage is something that I will leave up to you.

Sign behind service counter

Succulents and sign at Cistus Nursery

Pindo palm
Click the photo to read the funny story behind where this palm came from.

Closeup of pindo palm at Cistus Nursery outside Portland

Phormium and ferns
Phormium plants are striking and appeared in almost every garden we visited in the Portland area. Apparently they like the dry summers and moist, mild winters. I've heard they would melt in hot, wet summers in Florida, but I haven't tried growing them myself.

Bold foliage at Cistus Nursery outside Portland

Yucca and agave

Garden scene at Cistus Nursery outside Portland


Kniphofia at Cistus Nursery outside Portland

This brugmansia appeared with many other tender plants in the Cistus Nursery "Zonal Denial" room.

Brugmansia at Cistus Nursery outside Portland

How could I resist?

Kim and the incredibly tall cannas at Cistus Nursery outside Portland

Did I mention how tall these cannas were? Given, I'm only 5'2" so I'm not the best scale, but these must have been 12 or 15 feet tall. I believe that the tallest ones with the small orange flowers were 'Omega', but I'm not certain.

To see all photos I took at Cistus Nursery, click here.


Wicked Gardener said...

Ugh - I'd have a field day in that place. How do you take 12 cannas home on the plane?

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Sounds like a Florida gardeners dream nursery. This is so interesting to learn about Portland (I've never been) having such exotics.

erin said...

i saw massive cannas at kanapaha this past weekend...there's hope yet! :)

Kim said...

wicked gardener: The secret is to order cannas now and have the friendly Cistus folks ship them to you as rhizomes when the plants are dormant. :-)

meems: Stay tuned for even more photos of the exotic things I saw in Portland.

erin: Oooh... I'll have to chat with the Kanapaha gardener.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Cistus Nursery is the place to go for unusual plants that can survive NW winters.

徵信社 said...

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