"So they all rolled over and one fell out"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you remember that nursery rhyme that used to go like this?

There were ten in the bed and the little one said
Roll over!
Roll over!
So they all rolled over and one fell out.

I was thinking of this yesterday when I left the office and then again when I came in this morning. Why? Because those cute little io moth caterpillars are already dwindling in number. When I left last night there were only six.

Six little io moth caterpillars

This morning there was only one.

Did they get tired of being snuggled up against their brothers and sisters? Did the little one ask them to all roll over? Or did some bird come and whisk a few of them away for a snack? Who knows. I keep hoping they're hiding under a leaf and I just didn't see them, but I doubt it.

On an interesting note, the redbud tree they were on is already showing flower buds. Seems a bit early since it's now October and these trees normally flower in the spring. Wonder what's going on there.

Redbud buds


Wicked Gardener said...

I'm telling ya -all the plants in my yard seem to think it is spring.

Kim said...

Isn't is crazy??

Kim said...

Oops. I meant "it."